1 followed by the purchase should pinch force with the thumb and index finger a few times in order to understand a measure heel shoes on the feet of the support level

. Good heel support can ensure that your feet touch the ground properly to prevent sprains
2 shoe size is appropriate, it is clear that if you wear one pair of these to go big ( or small ) , then it has no value to you . For off-road running shoes , the

shoes should be greater than the length of the inner space of your foot length 13-15mm. A pair of shoes when the laces get open , put your foot in the shoe , in order

to spare a finger as the reference standard .
3 shoe surface , we all know there are cross-country running shoes generally divided membrane (GTXorEventetc.) and no film in this mainly depends on the choice of

personal preference , generally without shoes breathable membrane better cheap nike free run 4 store, feet sweat comparison is easy to evaporate , but no film is also

relatively easy to water shoes . If no film shoes mesh more ( especially near the midsole / outsole part ) , then you run the process, water can flush out easier .
4 supportive shoes , choose shoes for you to choose a better heel and arch support shoes , so you can increase your stability. Most people 's feet are inside concave, buy nike free run

so a pair of shoes on the feet of the arch support is more important to the county . Especially when you are in an environment for uneven ground when running .
5 in the end, for off-road running shoes , the shoe at the toe should be easy bent upward , and should be able to maintain good lateral rigidity . If you are not

afraid of ruined shoes , then it can be judged one pair of running shoes in the end . Hold in the hands on the shoes , a clutch shoe toe area , and the other hand

holding the heel and toe of the shoe portion bent upward , and then tighten the lateral toe area.
6 insole , this is a subjective experience buy nike free run 3 uk. Generally thick insole suitable for relatively hard road , but also increases the weight of the shoe

, but it also reduces your feet on the road the true sense.