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    Need advice about a friend with ADHD?

    One of my friends, Josh, who's 14 was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago. Recently, I have been hearing things from my mum that she has been told by Josh's mum that are slightly worrying. Up to very...
  2. What can I put in my Ghost Shrimp tank?

    I currently have my car in the shop and I won't be able to go out to the pet store for a while but I really wan't to star putting decorations into my tank. What are some things that I can put? I have...
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    GMC Granite - Will It Come Out In 2014?

    I have been researching this Granite Concept car a lot lately i am really disappointed with cars these days and this one has my FULL attention! I would honestly go buy one on the day its released, i...
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    Gmc and Chevy colors? Please help.?

    Are the gmc sierra's carbon GDS VCI and chevy silverado's black granite the same color? Please help soon i am looking for trucks and want to pick the right color.
  5. Today just know this BBS, I registered a immediately

    Hello, I am a mechanic, hope I can learn something in this BBS
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